“Having had issues with mental health for most of my life, I know how important exercise and good physical health can have on your mental faculties. Even with this insight, I begrudgingly joined Gym co at the behest of concerned family after a particularly bad period of mental instability. I’ve previously used personal trainers before, mainly for weight loss for my wedding but only ever utilized their services for a short period of time. Knowing how unwell I was, I knew I would need to get another trainer to help keep me motivated. With all the will in the world, when you’re in a bad way, it’s hard to do anything let alone listen to someone shout ‘PUSH IT’ at you, but I had to start somewhere.

So, with great trepidation and an unhealthy amount of skepticism, I inquired about PT sessions with Keaton. As if the stars were aligned by the gods themselves, Keaton was launching his move your mind label when I started training with him. We got chatting about his program and he was keen to get me involved. After working with him for the last few months in Move Your Mind, I can honestly say this has been the best thing I could have done to help both my body and mind.

Not only is Keaton a fantastic PT, the sessions I had with him weren’t just about lifting weights and hitting so many reps. He took the time to get to know the difficulties I’ve had/are having and tailored every session to my needs and wants. Taking that extra time to focus on the mental aspect of my health not only allowed me to work and train harder, it kept me grounded and once I learned of the nature of the bereavement which drove Keaton to set up Move Your Mind, it was genuinely humbling. How someone could take something that would ruin most of us and turn it into something for good was unimaginable to me. But here Keaton is doing something to help not just your body but the person as a whole, and from my personal experience, he has definitely helped me.”

– Dr. D Pelan, Move Your Mind Client

“For the past few years my son has been training with Keaton at Gym co and the changes have been unbelievable not just physically but most importantly mentally too, the difference in his confidence, physique but most importantly his mindset from when he first started is amazing. Not only is Keaton a great personal trainer but also a great role model in many ways and someone he looks up to. I would definitely advise any parent who have teens/young adults who struggle with low self esteem, anxiety or depression to join them in the gym and get Keaton to PT them as he’s helped my son change his outlook on life for the better, As a mother I could never thank him enough.”

– Jacqueline Hamilton, Mother of a Move Your Mind Client